Location: Restigné is a charming village located between Angers,Tours and Saumur on the right bank of the river Loire.

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The vineyard and grounds called "Le logis de la croix des pierres" is 10 hectares of land situated in the middle of the appellation controlled Bourgueil with wine made of the Cabernet Franc grape.

etiquette Logis de la croix
des pierres

Red wine vintage
Logis de la croix
des pierres

Red wine vintage
Soil Gravel Tuffeau
Vines 30 years old 60 years old
Teste bouquet of red fruits in particular raspberry and violet higher tannin
aroma of red fruits and spices
Maturity 5 years old 8-10 years old

Marc Galbrun

The vine-grower's suggestions


frise vigne

If you would like to teste our wines, you can visit our wine cellar.

cave saint-martin

For more informations, you can contact us directly.

Marc et Annette GALBRUN
Le Logis de la Croix des Pierres
37140 Restigné

telephone+ 33 (0)2 47 97 33 49      fax+ 33 (0)2 47 97 46 56
portable  06 81 20 90 65


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